Accelerated Consensus

Bringing stakeholders together to create a quality-of-life legacy!

Welcome to Accelerated Consensus !

Helping communities and organizations create a quality-of-life legacy !

Accelerated Consensus is a facilitated process that generates common understanding and general
agreement between and among the many stakeholder voices concerned about a given issue, idea, or project. Burt Woolf developed this approach over a twenty year period while working on planning, visioning, and creative problem solving assignments under the banner of QL Consulting, Inc., Economics Research Associates, and the Center for Quality of Life (C4QL).

The Accelerated Consensus process uses an interactive style of facilitation to bring leaders and constituent stakeholders together, so they can identify, focus on, and then commit collectively to the successful completion of improvements to their organization, community or region.  The process is organized by a host sponsor (the "client"); facilitated by Burt Woolf or one of his colleagues; and assisted (as needed) by nationally known technical consultants. Within a flexible structure, each Accelerated Consensus process is uniquely designed around the targeted topics and needs defined by the host sponsor ("client").

More than a just participatory strategy for planning, Accelerated Consensus is also:
  • a dynamic, interactive, and collaborative approach to solving problems, addressing challenges, and shaping visions;  
  • a tool that teaches participants how to be creative thinkers;
  • a way to generate new possibilities for improving quality of life in the world; and
  • a structured framework through which transformative learning and action can take place.
Since 1988, Burt Woolf has been retained by a wide variety of higher education institutions, public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and commercial companies to use the Accelerated Consensus process in addressing a broad range of issues and concerns.  In virtually every one of these assignments, Burt's clients have asked him to help them create some type of quality-of-life legacy by establishing a vision for action that is broadly shared by diverse constituent "stakeholder" interests.

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