Accelerated Consensus

Bringing stakeholders together to create a quality-of-life legacy!


Accelerated Consensus
What is a Quality-of-Life Legacy

A "legacy" is something left behind for the benefit of future generations. A quality-of-life legacy, leaves things behind that nurture people -- today and into the future -- where they live, work, stay well, learn, play, and visit. People who are legacy-makers address the question:
How do I want people to experience the exceptional characteristics that distinguish my organization, community or region from all others?
For the first eight years of the 21st century, we lived in a period of unprecedented economic growth and prosperity, with trillions of dollars of wealth expected to be passed into the younger generations. But with the advent of the global financial crisis of 2008, expectations changed dramatically.

Such circumstances present dramatic legacy-making opportunities. As baby boomers come into their senior years, the demands for public and private services will increasingly tear at the fabric of our economic and public service capacity. The resources to implement legacy-making strategies may be harder and harder to come by.

For these reasons, many people and organizations -- educators, elected and appointed public officials and their agencies; nonprofit quality-of-life providers; public charities; and the occasional commercial enterprise -- recognize that NOW is the time to create strategic intentions for the future.

The Accelerated Consensus process is a unique opportunity for leaders and stakeholders to come together and decide collaboratively just what kind of quality-of-life legacy they intend to leave behind for their educational institution, organization, community or region... before it is too late.