Accelerated Consensus

Bringing stakeholders together to create a quality-of-life legacy!


Accelerated Consensus
Why; who; how

Why would you want to initiate an Accelerated Consensus process?
Typically, clients ask us to design and facilitate an Accelerated Consensus process because the given situation calls for stakeholder involvement and consensus in setting a cohesive and unified direction, policy or strategy. The situational circumstances generally fall into one of three categories.

Opportunity. Some favorable circumstance has arisen for which a response is needed (for example, a funding grant has been awarded; a piece of legislation or local ordinance has been passed; a leader has challenged you to come up with a plan for something, etc.)

Problem or crisis: A daunting circumstance or challenge has arisen and something must be done to address the situation... or else (for example, economic downturn; deteriorating infrastructure; organizational crisis; community protests; etc.)

Intentional Strategy. The client (often a new leader or governing group) consciously seeks a new direction or improvement of a situation(for example, a mayor wants to revitalize part of the community; a university wants to update or set a new vision or policy direction; an arts council wants to preserve the cultural or historic fabric of the region; a chamber of commerce wants to rebrand the region's identity; etc.)

Who sponsors an Accelerated Consensus process?
Whatever the "reason", some person or entity (formal organization or ad hoc group) needs to sponsor
the Accelerated Consensus process. We have responded to requests from individual community leaders, or from a leadership organization, agency, or company concerned in some way about the community's future.  We have undertaken such projects for:
  • Educational or Academic Administrators
  • Mayors
  • County executives
  • Town and village supervisors
  • Business Improvement Districts
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Economic and business development agencies
  • Historic preservation organizations and agencies
  • Arts councils
  • Tourism bureaus
  • Parks and Recreation agencies
  • Waterfront commissions
  • Greenway organizations
  • National heritage areas
  • Bank presidents
  • Community philanthropists
  • Regional scenic byways corridor projects
How to Start
Just contact us for a conversation about the situation. We'll help you sort out the issues that need to be addressed, and let you know if Accelerated Consensus is the appropriate approach. We'll probably suggest that a local leadership advisory group (representatives of the stakeholders in the situation) be formed to oversee the process.  And we'll let you know what logistical and financial requirements are necessary to sponsor a successful process!